International Journal of Clinical Dental Science, Vol 2, No 4 (2011)

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A Systematic Approach to Management & Prevention of Dental Trauma in Children

Rafi Ahmad Togoo


Trauma to teeth and supporting structures is one the most challenging situations dentists face in their day to day practice. World wide studies have shown an increased prevalence of dental trauma and resultant fractured, displaced, or avulsed teeth can have functional, esthetic, and psycho­logical effects on children. For successful management of patients with dental trauma it is therefore very important to know the history, circumstances of the injury, type of trauma, and initial reaction of the child and/or guardian. Dentists should therefore be able to recognize, differentiate, and either treat or refer patients based on the type of dental trauma. To efficiently determine the extent of injury and correctly diagnose injuries to the teeth, periodontium, and associated structures, a systematic approach to diagnosis and treatment is essential. The article gives details of the treatment modalities for dental trauma and recommendations for prevention of Dento-facial injuries.


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