International Journal of Contemporary Dentistry, Vol 3, No 3 (2012)

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Homeopathy As Holistic Alternative Therapy In Periodontal Patients

Priyanka Chopra, Puneet Chopra



To analyze whether homeopathy can prove as a holistic and alternative form of therapy in periodontal patients.


Sixty patients with periodontal complaints of either gingival swelling, gingival bleeding, halitosis, mobile teeth, receding gingiva, abscess or lichen planus were considered. These patients were divided into a control group and a study group. The control group patients received only supragingival scaling as treatment modality.The study group patients were treated with supragingival scaling and were administered homeopathic medicines as a holistic and alternative form of therapy. Their response towards homeopathic treatment was observed after

6 weeks.


 It was observed that seventy six percent of the patients who were administered homeopathic medicine were benefitted by it whereas only forty one percent of the patients were benefitted when they were treated with supragingival scaling alone. Gingivitis patients who had come with complaints of gingival swelling, bleeding and halitosis, patients with periodontal abscess were and lichen planus patients were the ones who benefitted the most from homeopathic treatment.


Homeopathic medicines do not replace good dental or periodontal care but complement it.  Homeopathy also offers specific medicines that can be invaluable in reducing dental pain and alleviating periodontal/dental disease.

 Key Words: Gingivitis, Holistic, Constitutional Prescribing, Pathological Prescribing

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