Vol 2, No 2 (2011)

Table of Contents


SEM Evaluation of Shear Bond Strength Of Composite Resin to Dentin After Application Of Cavity Disinfectants PDF
Vivek Sharma, Poonam Rampal, Sukesh Kumar
Management of Obstructive Sleep Apnea secondary to TMJ Ankylosis by Distraction Osteogenesis PDF
Vijay Ebenezer, Balakrishnan Ramalingam
Reliability and Validity of a Questionnaire to assess Oral Health Literacy among College Students in Bangalore City PDF
Aruna M Devi
Influence of adhesives on the bond strength of vinylpolysiloxane to acrylic tray material PDF
Poojya Ramdev, Jyothi P.A
Correlation of the Anteroposterior Relationships of the Dental Arch and Jaw-Base in subjects with Class I, Class II and Class III Malocclusions PDF
Shendre Shrikant, Karan Ganapathy K, Ravinarayana Reddy P. R., Mamtha Thomas
Estimation of the total antioxidant capacity of whole blood in patients with chronic periodontitis using the Nitroblue Tetrazolium reduction test PDF
Sameer Zope, Wilma Delphine Silvia CR, Kranti K
Prevalence And Severity Of Dental Fluorosis In An Endemically Afflicted District Of Karnataka, South India PDF
Padma K Bhat, Amit Kumar
Dental injuries reported in a dental school: A two year preliminary study PDF
Kamala B K, Swati Tripati

Case Report

What happens if dental malpractice and radiological misdiagnosis get together? PDF
Yigit Sirin, Bahadir Dindar, Koray Guven, Gokcen Gundogdu, Deniz Firat
Hemisection With Socket Preservation Surgery As An Alternative Treatment For Vertically Fractured Mandibular Molars: A Case Report PDF
Santosh Kumar Bangalore Balaram, Sushama Galagali, Navaneetha Hanumanthappa, Prashanthy Rajendhra prasad
Pulp therapy in Maxillary fused primary central and lateral incisor: A Case Report. PDF
Yussuf K Chunawalla, Mohammed Nadeem Ahmed Bijle
Vascular malformation of buccal mucosa : A case report PDF
Deoyani Doifode, S G Damle
Chronic bilateral condylar dislocation - A case report PDF
Mamatha Nanajappa Sidalingapa, Madhumathi Singh, Srinidhi Dwarakanath, Nittin Mittal
Treatment option for a "peg lateral" in cross bite : A Case Report PDF
Dwijendra K S, Deoyani Doifode
Reconstruction of the interdental papillae using an interdisciplinary approach following orthodontic treatment: A case report PDF
Madhu Babu D S
An alternative approach for re-attachment of the fractured fragment: A case report. PDF
Ashwini Shivakumar, Soumya Gururaj Bardvalli
Treatment of a skeletal Class II malocclusion with open bite: A Case Report PDF
Sanjay Laxman Naduwinmani, Jyosna Preetham Naduwinmani
Multidisciplinary Approach to Ectodermal Dysplasia - A Case Report PDF
Anand Neminath Badavannavar, Supriya Fakirappa Manvi, Anup Belludi
Non-Syndromic Supernumerary Premolars with Striking Symmetry –A case report PDF
Radhika Muppa, Mahesh Kumar Duddu, Prameela Bhupatiraju
Treatment of Recurrent Gingival Enlargement associated with Zimmermann-Laband Syndrome: A Case Report PDF
Alok Sharma, Swati Nagpal
Palatal Possibilties: Variations of palatal root canal configuration in maxillary molars - A Report of Two Cases PDF
Jayaprada S. Reddy, Ravichandra P V, Rajani P., Lakshmi Santoshi
Diagnostic wax-up as a visual counterpart to create anterior dental aesthetics in cleft lip and palate patient: A case report PDF
Amit Khare
Non-Syndromic Bilateral Dentigerous Cysts In A 7 Year Old Child: Report Of A Rare Case PDF
Santhoshkumar S. Hiremath, Shivayogi Charantimath, Raghavendra Byakodi, Swetha S. Hiremath
Kikuchi Fugimoto Disease- A Case Report PDF
Shanti Pais, Ronald Menezes, Harsh Vardhan, Joyce Mathias


Options for Dentin Bonding - Total Etch Or Self Etch? PDF
Meena N, Niharika Jain
Homeopathy in Dentistry -An Overview PDF
Priyanka Chopra, Puneet Chopra

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